The new ION packaging

Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009.

Today is the second birthday of our ION USB Charger and we are happy to announce that it is now available in a new and improved packaging!

We needed some improvements to our packaging because:

  1. Our previous packaging did not have the product visible.
  2. The packaging needs to have a hook so it can be hung – that is how all accessories are placed in a retail store these days.
  3. We had room for improvement on the look of the box.

The new packages arrived in a box:

The packaging has arrived

And we soon formed an assembly line. I removed the ions from the previous packaging:

Taking out the old packaging

Vikram filtered out the new packages, including rejecting any damaged ones:

Clean 'em up

Varun folded the boxes and put the new ions in them:

Varun putting the ions in the new packages

It doesn’t sound glamorous, isn’t prestigious to talk about, but it sure was a lot fun and exciting. That’s what startups are about!

Vikram totally excited
ions galore

Here are the newly-packaged ions stacked back in the box:

Stacking them in a box

Just to put things in perspective, here is our packaging and its size compared to the competition:

Comparing our size to the competition

And here is our previous and new packaging:

Old vs. New packaging

Here is the sleek “product photography” version:

The ION USB charger

You can grab an ION with the new improved packaging at :)

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13 thoughts on “The new ION packaging

  1. You should probably take a leaf out of HCL’s book, and stamp “ipod charger” or “ipod compatible” somewhere on the box. That’s what most people use a USB charger for, but may not know what they are looking for unless they see their specific use case pointed out.

  2. This one looks awesome!
    The colors on the box make it look energetic as compared to the space thingy you had before which made it look mystical :P

  3. @Everyone Thank you all for the encouragement! We are glad that our new changes are well-liked.

    @Cheeni We do explicitly mention that at the top of the backside, which unfortunately is not shown in these pictures.

  4. @Swaroop – Great new design, focusing more on showcasing product and vibrant colors. Brilliant ! .. Hows not being in Adobe feel now ? :)

  5. Looks much better than the “competition”. But don’t you think it’s a bit costly, atleast in India?

  6. @Kumar Thanks!

    @Gautam Being in a good big company has its own advantages and I miss those, but every experience is different in its own way.

    @Pathik The ion2 pricing is quite competitive with the branded chargers out there in the market. Also, keep in mind that the official Apple iPod charger costs thrice as much :)

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