How to build an online community?

Every now and then, I try to build a group of people to talk about specific topics but it quickly dies because of inactivity. Although I really saw the value in having such a community, I just didn’t know how to build one. Even if one person keeps pumping in content, how do you actuallyContinue reading “How to build an online community?”

Coming soon… TrackEveryCoin, a personal finance system

Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009. Amazon conducted a poll just before the start of the year 2009 asking people on what are their New Year Resolutions. The top two resolutions were (1) Lose Weight and (2) Get Your Finances in Order. What is strange is that you andContinue reading “Coming soon… TrackEveryCoin, a personal finance system”

Ideas are Cheap : IMDB of Music, Books?

What is it that I like about IMDB? Shows me what are the movies that are popular in theatres right now Shows what new movies are releasing this week The first item on every movie page is the average user rating It links to every individual artiste involved (actor, director, etc.) so that if IContinue reading “Ideas are Cheap : IMDB of Music, Books?”

Interview with CocoaCast

I was recently interviewed by CocoaCast (mp3) to talk about Python for their Mac developer community, as part of their “Unbound Developers” podcast series. I was apprehensive about doing this because I’ve never been live-interviewed before, but in the spirit of doing new things, I went ahead and it turned out to be fun. WeContinue reading “Interview with CocoaCast”