Interview with CocoaCast

I was recently interviewed by CocoaCast (mp3) to talk about Python for their Mac developer community, as part of their “Unbound Developers” podcast series.

I was apprehensive about doing this because I’ve never been live-interviewed before, but in the spirit of doing new things, I went ahead and it turned out to be fun.

We talked about Python, my background and my startup, Macs, Python vs. Ruby and Django vs. Rails, Apple and Google, cloud computing, databases, Scala/JVM, performance, collection classes, and so on.

Surprisingly, Vlad and myself had talked for nearly 25 min. It’s a fun interview, although, there’s probably nothing new to know from this podcast for those who have already read the book.

7 thoughts on “Interview with CocoaCast

  1. Bravo – Swaroop ! It was gr8 to hear u than just read from u ! Btw I was recently muking around with some .pl !

    On Mac/Apple: I agree Macs are overly priced and I have been toying with the idea of getting a new mac airbook , but Apple’s concept of controlling the entire echo system troubles me. Why would I want to get an overpriced machine for under the table performance. Needless to say Macs a design marvel. I discovered that yes Dell tends to be lack luster and mundane but for the exact same h/w i get more bang for the buck. So wats with apple ? Snob appeal ?

  2. Wow ……….
    Just heard the complete talk ……… Its a motivating one. As you wrote in the post it was not an interview . Its really a friendly talk .
    Guys if you have not read more about Swaroop then you just need to hear the 25 minute talk. Not only about Swaroop , but also about Vlad :) .

  3. @The_Other_Swaroop : .pl meaning Perl? Nice! … Well, the integration, is what you would buy the Mac for :), it that’s not important to you, you’re better off with a PC.

    @Hari : Thanks, glad you like it :) … Vlad referred to it as an interview, so that’s what I mentioned. Wasn’t sure what describes it best!

    @Jadu : :)

    @mark666 : Yes, the podcast is not about teaching Python itself.

  4. LOL~ you know chinese!!!
    I’m a chinese student
    I meet python in Linux~

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