Ideas are Cheap : IMDB of Music, Books?

What is it that I like about IMDB?

  • Shows me what are the movies that are popular in theatres right now
  • Shows what new movies are releasing this week
  • The first item on every movie page is the average user rating
  • It links to every individual artiste involved (actor, director, etc.) so that if I like to follow a particular actor like Russell Crowe, then I just have to visit his page and I have all the details right there in a compact list.
  • Trivia and Quotes from the movie – the amusing/fun aspect.
  • The information is not cluttered with random reviews, that is on a separate page if you are so inclined.

But IMDB is for movies only.

What about an IMDB for music?

Yes, there is but it concentrates on the actual playing of the existing music content that they have (which it is very good at), but not about the people who make the music or their discographies. For example, I don’t think they list albums/songs that are upcoming or are not part of their playlists.

What about an IMDB for books?

Yes, there is Amazon and there is but I notice the same problems as

What I’m looking for is something like the burrp of music and books: showcasing (1) the latest, (2) the best and (3) the right kind of information, nothing else.

Also, are there similar sites for India? For example, I’d love to see the list of the top rated movie soundtracks in 2009 by “Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy” or the top songs ever by Pentagram (I just love “Bad Man”), and so on. Are there such lists and information already out there?

I think IMDB-equivalents for music and for books can be successful online businesses and communities.

Update : “Good Reads” seems to be a good option for books.

Update 2 : Looks like “” wants to be the IMDB of Indian movies.

Note: This blog post is part of the “Ideas are Cheap. Execution is Everything.” series where I pen down thoughts on what I see is a need in the market or what could be a successful idea/business.

7 thoughts on “Ideas are Cheap : IMDB of Music, Books?

  1. LibraryThing is a great tool for book-lovers, but focuses mainly on building your own ‘collections’. The Open Library [] would be amazing, if it takes off.

  2. @Sankarshan Interesting, but it looks to be more about comprehensiveness than anything else.

    @Thejesh LibraryThing looks good! It has the right kind of information, but I couldn’t find a “top books this week” kind of list or a navigation via genre.

    @Ankit I have used OpenLibrary in the past, but I feel it is purely a catalogue, I can’t visit the site and find the “best books of 2009”, etc.

  3. I highly recommend It’s a comprehensive database of artists and their works (albums, EPs, singles), which is predominantly user-oriented — users create and edit artist, label and release pages; users rate, review, catalog and tag music; users can create personal lists; users socialize on the rym forums, etc. One of the features I love is the top-rated charts from various years and genres, which are a good starting point for any music collection. Unfortunately, there’s nothing like a “popular releases this week” page on rym (I would direct you to for something like that.) Additionally, it has a film section which is in its early stages. Check it out for yourself.

    However, rym isn’t the commercial powerhouse IMDb is. It doesn’t focus on album sales and radio play but rather user opinions (a system I much prefer).

    Regarding books: I give both Goodreads and LibraryThing thumbs up.

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