My Benchmark for Entrepreneurship

Here is a guy who sells dosas and rice items in his push cart every evening. I didn’t realize that he was my entrepreneurial benchmark until my friend explained it to me: He has at least 100 customers everyday because he is there for 4-5 hours every evening, and we’ve never seen him without customers.Continue reading “My Benchmark for Entrepreneurship”

A few statistics about India

From President’s speech in 2007: “Today, the average age of India’s population is below 25 years. Approximately, 77 crore of our people, or about 70 percent of the population, fall below the age of 35.” From Tracking The Growth of India’s Middle Class: “Over the next 20 years, India will likely grow to become theContinue reading “A few statistics about India”

One device or many?

Question: Will the future consist of people carrying a single device or multiple gadgets? Arguments for one device Students use it for everything. After reading this New York Times article on how mobile phones are used in South Korea, I’m astounded about the possibilities. Students are using their mobile phones for buying food tickets inContinue reading “One device or many?”