No book on Emacs

I’ve had a Skribit suggestion for my blog, with seven votes on it, that asks:

Can you write a Byte Of Emacs?

First of all, I’m flattered that 7 people out there like A Byte of Vim so much that they are asking about a similar book for Emacs.

Second, it just won’t happen. Almost never.

Why? Because:

  • Writing a book is hard. It just sucks the life out of you. Really. Don’t believe me? Try writing one. Really.
  • Writing a book means I have to be at least reasonably proficient on that topic or at least have good experience with it.
  • I have used Emacs quite often in the past, especially for its SGML mode. But once I became proficient at Vim, I never went back.
  • There’s no incentive for me to learn about Emacs in depth and then write a book on it. There’s no point in trying to master two different but great editors!

That being said, does anyone have a good resource list for Emacs for these 7 people? :)


  1. maybe you should name it has ‘The Byte series’ (like the Head First, or Dummies series).. and getting other authors who could write on other topics!

  2. @Karunakar That’s a great idea, but where do I put out a call for such a person :)

    @Jigish Hehe, sorry to disappoint!

  3. @Swaroop : U dont want to kill the golden goose do u ? Before you know it – it would be another set of “Dummies”

  4. @The_Other_Swaroop Huh? Even the first two books could have been a set of Dummies, but they weren’t :) . If a quality level can be strictly adhered to, I don’t see the problem.

  5. @The_Other_Swaroop : Whoa! All hail Knuth. You can’t possibly be comparing it to that man :)

  6. I was actually thinking about requesting you to write A Byte of Perl since you seemed to refer to it and make comparisons with it in the Python book so often. But after listening to your ‘interview’ that you posted, I dropped the plan — you are obviously busy with the start-up now. :)

    –Just another Byte of Your Fandom

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