iPhone for productivity

I was reading the The Favorite iPhone Apps of Five Geek Rock Stars and did not find it useful, because it was mostly about games or things that apply to people only in USA. So I was wondering if I had my own list. Stanza My most favorite application is the Stanza app for readingContinue reading “iPhone for productivity”

Twitter vs. Why we can't concentrate?

Attention Span I started using Twitter as an experiment, and it was the first and only social network I really participated in. It was great because I actually made new friends that I went on trips with, got the opportunity to follow the thoughts of interesting people, and whenever I was in a quandary, IContinue reading “Twitter vs. Why we can't concentrate?”

10 things I wish I was serious about before starting a startup

Everything gets magnified. Whether it is minor differences or personal shortcomings or the multitasking required. What you think of as a small weakness, will become your biggest weakness. What you think of as a small strength, will be a very big strength. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride. You can never be prepared for it.Continue reading “10 things I wish I was serious about before starting a startup”