Yelagiri Hills

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Yelagiri Hills (in Tamil Nadu) on a one day road trip.

It’s a great little hill station which has not yet been commercialized (relatively speaking) and has a neat trekking trail.




If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Sunday, Yelagiri Hills is a great place to go, and it is just 150 km away from Bengaluru.

6 thoughts on “Yelagiri Hills

  1. @Amit :)

    @Jose Nice to hear from a person in Spain, another colorful country :)

  2. Much of Spain things look like things of India, my face is a mixture of Roman, Persian, Indian, Palestinian, Syrian… flamenco music has its roots in India, in southern Spain were people of Indian and probably many of the European roots come from there, you know from where comes the nazi swastika … I saw a Hindi film a few years ago — water — agua — the future of our world is not a white U.S.A. face with blond hair,our future is a mixture – the world needs to be mixed.

    You’d be surprised if you were here and you could see some faces of Spanish people, including Italy, France, Portugal … the history of the world is not like we have been taught.

    When I was little my father called me Chino (chinesse) when i smile I look like Chinese or Asian – (^__^)

    What most gives me hope is knowing that the world will finally be a world of all and for all, without nations, without flags, without humble…and for animal,tigers,bears,apes,wolves,cows…well..also humans( some years,not many i hope)

    I usually cheked your post,i started to do that a few years ago when i was playing a video game(STALKER) and tryed to learn Python…well,did not learned it but i did a little modification for a game…that´s why i usually check your post,also,sometimes you write so really wise and smart things.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. @jose Agreed, the world is more interesting when it is a potpourri! I really hope to visit your country someday… Thanks for your kind words on my writing, it feels good to know that it is useful to someone who were otherwise would never connected to each other :) … P.S. congratulations on your nation winning the World Cup :)

    @Prasanna Yeah, there are a few places nearby (check the link in the post), and I think Yercaud is close by as well. There are some decent hotels, nothing upscale I think.

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