Syncing Android with Mac

I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S-2 phone a couple of months ago, after my old iPhone 3G (not 3GS) became slower and started having button issues. The biggest problem I faced with the new phone was how do I sync data like music and contacts without it being a constant manual effort and without going through Google’s servers?

I paid for and tried Missing Sync ($39.95), but it would refuse to sync music complaining that there is no space even though there was clearly 10GB of free space, even support couldn’t solve this issue. And there were other annoyances like having to install an ugly calendar app for calendar syncing instead of it syncing to the default calendar app already on the phone.

I finally settled for SyncMate ($39.95) for syncing contacts, calendar, bookmarks, photos, folders, sms and calls, and iSyncr ($3) for syncing music and playlists.

I just wanted to put this out there for other people like me who miss the smooth syncing between iTunes and iPhone and wish they had the same with their Android device.

Update on 1st July, 2012 : Now there is an official Easy Phone Sync app from Samsung to sync Mac with your Samsung Android phone.

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7 thoughts on “Syncing Android with Mac

  1. Hey Swaroop, why didn’t you try something like a DLNA server which streams music to all of your devices, you can also expose it on the internet too, if you like to share your music with others as well. I use twonky and have found it useful and I stream music, photos, videos to my iOS, Android and SMART TV.

  2. Using an Android Phone without going through “google’s servers” is just silly… the entire system works seamlessly based on a gmail account. Just bite the bullet and do it…

  3. Yup – link it to a google account :)

    Nowaday I just connect it to the comp and then do a rsync of the folders I need (music, photos) .
    I need to figure out how to connect and get in over wifi. Maybe I need to root it for that!

  4. @Gowri Thanks for the suggestion, I should check it out.

    @Shawn Personal preferences.

    @ROhan I agree about the rsync but I need sync back as well for contacts, etc.

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