Inspired by companies incubated at RTBI, IIT Madras

I am here at IITM, Chennai to help out NextDrop in some technology discussions, and have been blown away by the kinds of companies incubated at the Rural Technology Business Incubation facility (RTBI).

IITM Research Park

RTBI portfolio

For example, consider Stellapps which is developing an automated cow milking system!

To get a taste of what I’m talking about, definitely watch this talk at Google by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala (the good stuff starts at 17 min 13 sec):

4 thoughts on “Inspired by companies incubated at RTBI, IIT Madras

  1. Very interesting.

    Off topic:

    Are you in Chennai now? When you were writing this post, I must have been about 200ft away, on the road cycling to my office :-)

  2. Thanks Swaroop ! Interesting post. Tech talk ( video ) is very much thought provoking !

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