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The past several weeks I’ve been down with various illnesses and the repercussions and emotions that went along with the physical problems has been taking its toll on me.

While I’ve still not recovered and still reeling from the effects, I’m recording these memoirs now precisely because the experience and memory is fresh.

The first thing that comes to my mind is just how much of our life depends on having a good supply of energy first thing in the morning.

Having had no exercise for so long has made my knees feel rubbery and have started complaining to me. At the same time, my stomach feels bloated than usual. And then there is the shoulder pain, back pain, etc. because of too much (albeit needed) resting and not enough physical movement.

Work has been a disaster since I’ve not been able to concentrate or have the energy to focus on the laptop in-between the trips to the wash room. The guilt of not contributing to the project’s timeline only makes me feel worser. And sick days can mean loss of pay which compounds the problems.

Sometimes I feel these past few weeks have been a glimpse of old age. I shudder at that thought.

Personal life has taken it’s toll as well, since I’ve been so obsessed with surviving and getting through the day, that I’ve been unable to recognize situations and compliment my wife when she was deserving. And that invariably has repercussions (married men know what I’m talking about).

I haven’t returned calls from friends because I keep coughing every few sentences and then I don’t want to talk about my sad change in health. It’s not manly to talk about illnesses, I feel sometimes. And generally people give lot of, possibly well-meaning, advice that they won’t even listen that it may not apply to your situation. And at the same time, you’re glad that they are concerned about you and you’ll be missed when you disappear from the planet someday.

Steve Pavlina once said:

Most people’s problems fall into one of four basic categories:

  1. Career problems – Lack of fulfilling work (not doing what they love, not contributing)
  2. Financial problems – Financial scarcity (too much debt, not earning enough money, not creating enough value, not experiencing financial flow)
  3. Relationship problems – Lack of loving relationships (unsupportive, disempowering, or apathetic social circle; no one to love and be loved by)
  4. Health problems – Poor health (lack of energy and vitality, feeling tired, feeling sick)

These are the most common spark killers.
There are other categories too like emotional problems and mental problems, but the four categories above probably cover about 95% of the issues people have.

And when all four of these combine, it is a living hell. Because you’re not well.

Moral of the story: Take care of your health! It’s the thing we sacrifice the first as soon as we have a hint of busy-ness.

 The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil

(Image courtesy of Kate Ter Haar under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license)

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18 thoughts on “Energy and Health

    1. @Noufal My particular problems were not because of overworking, they were specific physical health issues. Thank you for your concern! :)

  1. Was sad to hear this. Hope it’s nothing major and that you’ve had an overall health check up done! Take care and be back on your feet soon :)

  2. Hi Swaroop,
    Wishing your health a fast recovery and a fast back to shape.
    This has been a eye opener…for the IT folks, who are always at there laptops,
    increasing their waists ans lossing their enrgy…
    Take care, Girish

  3. You should take some rest. and if possible, try to go for a walk alone, just look around, observe things, you will feel nice. try to spend time with your family because they will support you in your tough times. yoga. meditation will also help. Best of luck.. and take care

  4. Swaroop,

    Firstly I am sorry to hear you are ill. And I am also sorry to hear you feel a partial disinclination to talk about it; I have been quite ill for years, and like you, I struggled for a long time with my “stoic machismo” complex – (as men we must suffer in silence). Although I try not to indulge in self-pity, or bore people, I talk about my illness much more freely these days. I would divest yourself of that inhibition.

    Given that there is quite a reduced expected lifespan in India, I think you should take your symptoms seriously.

    It sounds like your bloated stomach is a clue to your condition. Maybe you have IBS? Maybe you are eating too much rich food? Maybe your stomach is unbalanced (e.g. ph level / healthy bacteria).

    What are rubbery knees? A good health practitioner should understand your symptoms….

    Anyhow, good luck with your recovery, and thanks for your Python Byte – it’s excellent!

    1. @Marcus It was not a big illness, more so a series of small illnesses for which there were many reasons, one of which was negligence. Slowly getting back into track. Thanks for your wishes!

  5. Swaroop, wish you a speedy recovery.
    I was having these niggling health issues and figured out it boils down to diet and exercise. Have started regular morning runs and timely food and it sure feels better.
    Let me know if you wanna join for the mornings.

    Take care and get back to normality soon.

    1. @Ramjee I agree! Unfortunately, been travelling for some time and it’s taken a toll on regular exercise, need to get back to it!

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