Investing in the Tamenglong-Haflong Road

Today, I invested a small contribution of Rs. 5000 for the Tamenglong-Haflong Road a.k.a. The Great Indian Road.

What’s so great about it? Because it connects Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, and because it is crowd-funded by Indians all over. The Government of India has always ignored the North-Eastern region of India, so a road funded by Indians and NRIs is being created now.

I first came to know about this initiative by a random tweet pointing to this Times of India article talking about a Naga IAS officer Armstrong Pame building a 100km road without government help. Later, I read about his life story leading up to achieving the venerated position of an IAS officer.

I was surprised to read that funds were being raised via Facebook. I had a “Is this genuine?” question in my head, so I joined the “Tamenglong-Haflong Road Construction” Facebook group to learn more about it.

Stories about support and progress were pouring in the group which was really heartening to see great things being achieved by social media in the midst of all the anti-internet freedom and anti-citizen activities by the government of the day. For example, just today, Jeremiah Pame gave an update in the Facebook group that a Mr. Thomas Riamei, from a village called Saramram has given his bulldozer free for use of the construction of the road till completion, and a few days ago, Taranbir Singh, an IIT-graduate NRI based in New York donated 1.5 lakh rupees to the cause.

Having seen all these developments, I made a small contribution today to the cause and am looking forward to the day that this road becomes a reality and we never have to read such stories again:

Last December, then Union home minister P Chidambaram visited Manipur and asked what happened to the road.

The state government declared that it would be ‘done soon’, but nothing moved on the ground. Then in June-July this year, there was an outbreak of tropical diseases like typhoid and malaria. It takes two days for anyone in the village to make it to the nearest hospital on foot in the absence of a motorable road. Hundreds of patients had to be carried on makeshift bamboo stretchers, but very few made it to the town alive.

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4 thoughts on “Investing in the Tamenglong-Haflong Road

  1. @aktriv: Admirable initiative. You have my full support – please let me know how to contribute. Please beware of the great Indian bureaucracy though – they wont do stuff like building roads and wont let private citizens do it either (have rules prohibiting that). Popular media says people in North East dont feel they are part of India, would be a great way for the rest of the country to chip in and help get change the minds of our North Eastern brethren.

  2. thank you swaroop,
    today the road is finished.
    we inaugurated the road on 17 feb 2013.
    but now we have begun another road which is 10 km in total.
    this is also being done through people’s contribution.

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