Review of Bear notes app

Update on Nov 7, 2018 : Back to OrgMode. Again. This is a quick note on why I have started using Bear notes app: What I want Notes app needed. Must support images and attachments. Mobile-first. Absolutely need a notes app that syncs across computer and phone. That’s just how I function. Ideally, there should […]

Notes from AIFrontiers conference

My soothsayer friend BG told me last year that “deep learning is the next big thing”. I didn’t know what that meant. A few days ago, I attended the AIFrontiers conference in Santa Clara, California. Now I have a glimpse of what he meant :-) On This Page What is Intelligence? From Analog to Digital […]

New chinese translation of A Byte of Python

Thank you Mo Lun for creating a brand new Chinese translation of the latest version of A Byte of Python book! In Mo Lun’s words: I am a common journalism student from CYU, Beijing. And actually, I am an absolute newbie in Python programming when I start to translate this book. Initially, it was just […]