New chinese translation of A Byte of Python

Thank you Mo Lun for creating a brand new Chinese translation of the latest version of A Byte of Python book!

In Mo Lun’s words:

I am a common journalism student from CYU, Beijing. And actually, I am an absolute newbie in Python programming when I start to translate this book. Initially, it was just a whim, but when I done this work, I realized that a decision triggered by interest had prompted me to go so far. With the help of my predecessors’ translations and the vast amount of information provided by the developed Internet, and with the help of my friends, I prudently presented this translation edition. I just hope my translation work will help other newcomers in learning Python. At the same time, I am always waiting for my translation of the comments and suggestions, and ready to change or improve this superficial work.

Note that the full translations list is at and you can read how to create a new translation at

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