Migrated to Neovim, CommonMark, Material for MkDocs

TLDR : Back to the future

Re-built this blog using mkdocs, Material for MkDocs and GitHub Pages.

Earlier (Nov 2020), I had moved this blog to Notion via Fruition. It was great because the easy writing means I had started adding new content, but the problem was Notion's uptime. Every time Notion went down, my blog went down, and that was unacceptable. So, I was thinking of a replacement, and that's when I came across Material for MkDocs which seemed very appealing.

On the same note, a random DNS issue causing me to stop working1 was also unacceptable. So I migrated away to a local-first solution which was a Git repo containing notes in CommonMark/Markdown syntax, synced to phone via Working Copy. Essentially, I migrated away from "smart and slick" to "fast and dumb". Worse is better .

Why Neovim and not Vim? Because of the community.

Why not Emacs? Because I wanted to stick to "fast and dumb" tools such as tmux + neovim + CommonMark vs. Emacs and OrgMode which is "smart and slick". Emacs is so powerful that I start thinking of doing everything inside Emacs which is exactly the rabbit hole I want to avoid again.

Whenever the "fast and dumb" tools are not sufficient, I will switch to a task-specific application such as IntelliJ IDEA for writing Kotlin code. Plus, using "fast and dumb" tools means I get to combine them, such as fzf, bat, gh and so on.

Why not VSCode-based open source options such as Dendron or Foam? Same reasons as above.

Let's see how long this choice lasts .

Another way to think about it is to separate the editor, the files and the sync mechanism. Now, I always have flexibility later to choose a different editor.

  1. I use my notes during every minute of screen time. It is my second brain. My notes being "down" effectively means "me being down".