About Me


  1. Started as an intern and fresher at Yahoo!
    • Totally loved Yahoo!, the coolest company (back then) he can ever work for
    • Worked on analysis and statistics of Yahoo! Search, called Yahoo! Buzz Index (a product for advertisers)
  2. Worked at Adobe in the awesome Flex team
  3. Wrote a beginner’s programming book on Python
  4. Wrote another book released in 2008 on the Vim 7 editor for both beginners and advanced users
  5. Writes a weblog
  6. Passionate about Running, Trekking, Cycling
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Startup
    • Was a consultant and early employee with Automatic, acquired by SiriusXM.
    • Currently, an engineering manager for AI team at Helpshift.

To know more about Swaroop professionally, see his LinkedIn profile.

Contact : blog (at) swaroopch.com