Interviewed by dev-to-manager I talk about my recent transition from developer to manager in this written interview. Apparently, Siddhant Goel, the interviewer, liked this part: What do you tell developers who are considering making the switch or new to the role? Do not do this if you are not ready to focus on people!There is a difference between tech […]

Engineering Management : Lessons learned in first year

It’s winter season and am getting close to a year of full-time engineering management. So, I’m listening to some jazz house music and reflecting on what I have learned. While I have done tech lead roles before, this is the first role I’ve been doing people management full time, i.e. not doing the tech myself. Why […]

Glamping in a vineyard at Lago Lomita

Recently, we stayed for the weekend at a vineyard, via Airbnb. Robin & Mark were absolutely delightful hosts. We had such a warm welcome. The yurt and the view of the Pacific ocean were equally wondrous. We spent the day just walking around the vineyard and then lazing around in the tent. We spent the […]


I read The Daily Stoic book by Ryan Holiday around a year ago. It changed my perception of reality with the very first page: Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that focuses on practical life instead of theoretical questions. It is concerned with everyday life and does not concern itself about the stars, heaven, hell, etc. That is what […]

Back to WordPress

Four years ago, I migrated this blog from WordPress to Jekyll, with the intention of using whatever format I want to use inside Emacs… Subsequently, my posting rate dropped drastically to just 13 posts in 4 years! I don’t think that was a coincidence. Tools matter. I believe the speed and ease of writing dropped drastically. […]

Exploring blockchain and smart contracts with Ethereum dev bootcamp, Blockchain@Berkeley

On This Page Background What is blockchain, cryptocurrency and Ethereum? Blockchain @ Berkeley Dangers What does it all mean Background A few months ago, Mayank convinced me to get some Ether (Ethereum cryptocurrency) because it was going to go on a bull run, thanks to high-profile companies backing Ethereum by joining the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance […]

My experience with Udacity Deep Learning Foundation course

If you don’t know what is machine learning, just know this from Francois Chollet (creator of Keras)’s “Deep Learning with Python” book: Classical programming vs. Machine learning After attending the AI Frontiers conference at the beginning of this year, I was amazed, fascinated and befuddled at what actually is machine learning and deep learning and […]