Theory of Constraints, applied to engineering management

I’ve been reading about Theory of Constraints, and thought I’d interpret in context of engineering management, so here goes. Would love to hear about experiences from folks who have tried some variation or version of this! : Optimizing each individual department makes things worse. : Optimize for flow of a change through theContinue reading “Theory of Constraints, applied to engineering management”

Interviewed by dev-to-manager I talk about my recent transition from developer to manager in this written interview. Apparently, Siddhant Goel, the interviewer, liked this part: What do you tell developers who are considering making the switch or new to the role? Do not do this if you are not ready to focus on people!There is a difference between techContinue reading “Interviewed by dev-to-manager”

Engineering Management : Lessons learned in first year

It’s winter season and am getting close to a year of full-time engineering management. So, I’m listening to some jazz house music and reflecting on what I have learned. While I have done tech lead roles before, this is the first role I’ve been doing people management full time, i.e. not doing the tech myself. WhyContinue reading “Engineering Management : Lessons learned in first year”