Review of Bear notes app

Update on Nov 7, 2018 : Back to OrgMode. Again. This is a quick note on why I have started using Bear notes app: What I want Notes app needed. Must support images and attachments. Mobile-first. Absolutely need a notes app that syncs across computer and phone. That’s just how I function. Ideally, there should […]

Notes from AIFrontiers conference

My soothsayer friend BG told me last year that “deep learning is the next big thing”. I didn’t know what that meant. A few days ago, I attended the AIFrontiers conference in Santa Clara, California. Now I have a glimpse of what he meant :-) On This Page What is Intelligence? From Analog to Digital […]

New chinese translation of A Byte of Python

Thank you Mo Lun for creating a brand new Chinese translation of the latest version of A Byte of Python book! In Mo Lun’s words: I am a common journalism student from CYU, Beijing. And actually, I am an absolute newbie in Python programming when I start to translate this book. Initially, it was just […]

Notes from Postgres Conference Silicon Valley 2015

These are my quick jottings during the talks at PGConf SV today: Citus DB (distributed postgresql) will be open sourced citusdb is going open source as a PostgreSQL extension #pgconfsv – Josh Berkus First applause of day as @umurc announces CitusDB is going open source. #PGConfSV – merv Everybody loves Kafka Lots of Kafka love […]

Tech: Using Spacemacs

In the past couple of months, I’ve been using and, a first for me, regularly contributing to this open source project called Spacemacs. Spacemacs is a new distribution of Emacs. Think what Ubuntu did for GNU/Linux – Spacemacs is doing the same for GNU Emacs. It combines all the existing great pieces and providing an […]

Notes from Redis Conference 2015

Redis Conference 2015 at the Innovation Hangar at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Thanks to sponsors Rackspace, Hulu, Redis Labs, Heroku, and others. Talks list Redis’ 6th birthday today! Redis Keynote by Salvatore Sanfilippo (Pivotal) a.k.a. @antirez Genesis Big equivalence principle : Today’s startups can do everything with everything, but a […]

The Mature Optimization Handbook

Carlos Buenos’ Mature Optimization Handbook was an excellent concise read over the weekend. The handbook is about the philosophical approach to performance measurements and optimizations and monitoring of our backend systems. After all, the author was part of the Facebook Performance Engineering team. The good part about the book was that it gave you the […]