Why iCon

I read the iCon book recently and have been wondering what makes people (like me) so fascinated about Steve Jobs? He didn’t create any great technology or product, it was people who worked with him who did all that, for example, Steve Wozniak and John Lasseter. He was a leader, a manager, that was his […]

The Vortal

Ashok Banker has started a new novel called The Vortal that’ll be released online in episodes format. The blurbs remind me of Jumanji, but knowing Banker’s writing style, he will have some fast-paced stories ready. There are already 4 parts posted.

Book Tagged

Both Vignesh and JD have book-tagged me, so I am obliged to present to the world my choice of books… hmm… so here goes… Total number of books I own : Around 30 techie books and 10 general books. Most of the time, I borrow books from the Eloor Library, so I don’t own as […]