Now Reading: Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

de Bono has always fascinated me… to write 56 books on ‘thinking’ is certainly no easy feat!! I wanted to read this book for quite some time and had got it yesterday from the Eloor library.. have started to read it…. I especially like the part which says: Being a thinker does not involve being […]

Network security is cool

Here’s an excerpt from ‘The Prometheus Deception’ by Robert Ludlum: "Inside the cargo bay of the green forest-service truck, Elena quickly assembled her tools. Her laptop was now connected to the optical repeater by means of a twenty-foot cable that ran undetectably under the truck, concealed by dirt and leaves, and right to the junction […]

The Prometheus Deception

I just finished (yet another) Robert Ludlum’s book ‘The Prometheus Deception’, a good fast-paced thriller. I’d recommend it. It’s not just one of those spy thrillers with conspiracy theories – Robert Ludlum knows how to make the capture the attention of the reader. Sometimes, you just can’t put down the book! I am looking forward […]

The Matlock Paper at home

On a friend’s recommendation, I am reading Robert Ludlum’s "The Matlock Paper" – as usual I could put the book down only when I reached 91 pages :-) On another note, it was nice to be just at home and doing nothing. I did play badminton with my 11-year old sister Swathi and I even […]

Bourne Again

I finished reading The Bourne Supremacy. Such an incredibly complex character – this Jason Bourne! There are two parts to this man – the past called Jason Bourne – the vicious assassin and the other, a scholar called David Webbs. This book is all about how he is recruited by the ruthless government officers to […]

The Samurai Identity

I watched the "The Last Samurai" yesterday – excellent movie. Those Japanese are so disciplined and honourable and spiritual (well, atleast according to the movie). I couldn’t believe it was actually Tom Cruise – this is the first movie of his that I really appreciated. Read "The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum – this guy […]