Hack Day videos

Kamla Bhatt has been tracking the Hack Day India and posting many interviews and videos. The videos include the demos by the hackers, and here's the video where we present (from minutes 03:10 to 05:09) : Update : And a mention in the Financial Express :)

Code Runway

What if there was a Project Runway or even an American Chopper show for programming... what would be the (minimal set of) qualities to judge on? Elegance (of algorithm, of code) Simple flow Attention to detail (corner cases) Efficiency Scalability "It Just Works" ... hmm, what else?


Parshu (a colleague in Y! Bangalore) is presenting a session on REBIEX: Record Boundary Identification and Extraction Through Pattern Mining at the 6th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, New York.


I finally got around to reading Stroustrup's "The design of C++0x", and was impressed by Stroustrup's sense of language design, especially the clarity of thought with which he presents the topics. I still haven't understood the part about "concepts" though. I wonder how it is different from interfaces (in Java).

Logical art

Rands in Repose has written a thoughtful article "Signs of Art" where he asks "Is software art"? I think I'll answer "Hell yeah". Jason says: The most important thing in software development is motivation. Motivation is local — if you aren’t motivated by what you are working on right now then chances are it’s not … Continue reading Logical art