Logical art

Rands in Repose has written a thoughtful article “Signs of Art” where he asks “Is software art”? I think I’ll answer “Hell yeah”. Jason says: The most important thing in software development is motivation. Motivation is local — if you aren’t motivated by what you are working on right now then chances are it’s not […]

Tiger Dictionary

Just discovered a new shortcut for the Dictionary in Mac OS X Tiger – Press Cmd-Ctrl-D and voila, it shows the meanings of the selected word in my browser! P.S. In case you are wondering, I’m reading the RSS feed for Sepia Mutiny. Update: The shortcut works everywhere, not just the browser. Update: Premshree has […]


A close friend of mine had been to the US for work in his company’s headquarters. I had asked him to get me a laptop and I’ve been playing with it since the night before yesterday. What kind of laptop? It is a 12-inch Apple Powerbook with Mac OS X 10.3.9. It has a 1.5 […]

Mark down my email

Here’s my weird-but-yet-interesting idea of the day… In most mailing lists (including non-geeky ones), HTML mail is usually discouraged but the newbies still want to make use of bold and italics and the rest. So, here’s my simple solution: Allow the user to use a rich text box to get all their HTML-coolness but instead […]

GCC and the ABI

From the Autopackage Developer Quickstart: Important note to C++ developers If your software uses Qt/kdelibs, or just rely on many (large) C++ libraries, then you must be careful. This is because of C++ ABI (Application Binary Interface) issues: GCC 3.4 broke C++ ABI (again), so software compiled with GCC 3.4 can mysteriously crash on GCC […]


Canonical, the guys behind Ubuntu Linux, seem to be creating a “next-generation distributed version control system” called Bazaar-NG. It’s written in Python and is primarily tested on Ubuntu. I haven’t played with it but it seems it is already self-hosting, that demonstrates a bit of its capabilities. They have excellent documentation already. Although, I am […]