The Matlock Paper at home

On a friend’s recommendation, I am reading Robert Ludlum’s "The Matlock Paper" – as usual I could put the book down only when I reached 91 pages :-) On another note, it was nice to be just at home and doing nothing. I did play badminton with my 11-year old sister Swathi and I even […]


I am now a Yahoo! guy!!! The final round of interviews took place yesterday. They asked lot of techie stuff and some very interesting questions. I had 4 interviews one after the other and then Jayanthi (the nice lady from HR) immediately came and told me "You’re through. When can you start?" I was dazed […]

Calvin and Hobbes

This is one of my all-time comic favorite strips. This is such fun to read Calvin and Hobbes strips. What strikes me most is the expressions of the characters especially Calvin and his dad as well. I’ve heard that the dad character is based on Bill Watterson (the cartoonist) himself. I was going through an […]

The Surfin’ Penguin

I finally got a decent 2nd line internet connection from BSNL – it’s great! It is an ordinary telephone line connection but I have never seen 4-5 kbps average download speed on a telephone line before. I then found out that my friends too surf mostly on Linux because it is a lot faster than […]

Bryan at the gate!

Yesterday morning, I attended the GATE exam. I did very well considering my (lack of) preparation :-) . Paper was quite easy actually considering that it consisted of what we have already studied … but I still feel that the probability of me solving a probability problem is …. I don’t know, I already told […]

Red Park

So finally exams are over! I saw Varsham yesterday in Pallavi theatre. It was a streeeeeetched movie. These guys are so talented that they copied two scenes from Matrix and were able to convert it into a 3 hour movie! But some of the songs and jokes were good. Overall? Just time pass, yaar. But […]