BGs Clojure Course Day 2

1 Pro Tip Pro Tip: Always set this in your REPL to prevent long data structures or infinite loops from hanging your REPL: (set! *print-length* 50) (set! *print-level* 10) 2 Workshop problem Starting the day with this problem: Given a text file, let’s find the n most common and uncommon words. Ignore certain stop words. […]

BGs Clojure Course Day 1

Continuing my journey of learning Clojure, I am attending BG’s Clojure Course. Today was Day 1. ~30 people in one room and BG as teacher for the weekend. Of course, I was looking forward to it. Most people in the audience had a background of mixture of C/C++, Java/Android, Python and Ruby. BG Clojure Workshop […]