Theory of Constraints, applied to engineering management

I’ve been reading about Theory of Constraints, and thought I’d interpret in context of engineering management, so here goes. Would love to hear about experiences from folks who have tried some variation or version of this! : Optimizing each individual department makes things worse. : Optimize for flow of a change through theContinue reading “Theory of Constraints, applied to engineering management”


  Because of constant badgering from loyal users (Navdeep, Chinmay, Hari, Sandip, Vidyaraj, Kartik, Vivek, Arjun, Leo, Ravi and others), I finally had to dedicate a weekend to fixing up However, instead of just fixing up the old code base, I rewrote it to use Compojure instead of the deprecated Noir library, andContinue reading “Revamped”

[Tech] Why is “Database Layer as a REST API” not common?

We have “database APIs” such as abstraction layers over multiple SQL databases and ORMs. But why not take it to the next step and make it a REST API like any other network call that we can make? Advantages would be: The sharing of database ORM models across multiple programming languages will be seamless. MakingContinue reading “[Tech] Why is “Database Layer as a REST API” not common?”

Micro targeting

Recently the Obama re-election campaign employed similar population-wide behavioral analytics to micro-target voters to ensure his re-election. There is no reason why we in India must not look to technology to devise ingenious methods for near real time data collection and population-wide analytics of social performance. This will not only help micro-target and localise welfareContinue reading “Micro targeting”

Created an app for live preview of Pandoc

When my wife was editing my books, she used for live preview of the text so that she knows what the output is going to be like. The caveat was that does plain Markdown and not Pandoc format which would mean the preview would be screwed up whenever there was a code block, etc., so,Continue reading “Created an app for live preview of Pandoc”