PESIT Offer to Startups: Mentor Students, Get Office Space

My alma mater, PESIT (in Bangalore), has an interesting proposition for startups – mentor students and get office space in return. The background is that they are working to improve the quality of education in the IS / CS departments. One of the ideas they identified was to work with in-industry programmers who can answerContinue reading “PESIT Offer to Startups: Mentor Students, Get Office Space” updates

A while back, I released a side-project called – a simple tool for comparing book prices in India. I received lots of feedback, suggestions and praise. I have updated it with fixes for the bugs reported and implemented most of the suggestions. It was interesting to see people writing blog posts and linking toContinue reading “ updates”

An experiment to be Google-Free

Update on 5 Oct, 2012 : Still on Mac applications, but now using the free email mailbox option of my domain registrar + local Thunderbird email folders instead of Rackspace Email. Desktop apps are better for frequently used stuff. No matter how many times web apps lure me into “available everywhere” + “mobile syncing”Continue reading “An experiment to be Google-Free” – One Place to find the best online price for a book in India

I had an itch – I wished there was a simple way of deciding whether to buy a book and where to buy a book. So I created The initial idea I had was to make a bookmarklet that will do everything – it will figure out the unique book number (the ISBN) fromContinue reading “ – One Place to find the best online price for a book in India”