How attractive is your website?

I was trying to analyze the feedback on my website’s new design. There seems to be a trend that relates their usage of the website with their feedback. While researching on this subject, I found a paper by three people affiliated with the University of Manchester, UK. The paper makes three interesting hypotheses that areContinue reading “How attractive is your website?”

Cricket on your desktop

I’m not a cricket buff but the IPL had got even me hooked. Well, at least during dinner. But for people who are crazy about cricket and want to follow ball-by-ball updates and certainly don’t like refreshing horrible-looking websites, then you might find Cricket Nirvana’s CricketCentre interesting: The best part is that it runs onContinue reading “Cricket on your desktop”

Web dev frameworks vs RIA

How do traditional web development frameworks cope with RIAs? By RIAs, I am referring to the Flex/Silverlight model (Ajax has a hybrid model in my view, so I’m not discussing that here since I don’t want to muddle up the question). Coming back to topic, I see that the traditional web development frameworks are inside-outContinue reading “Web dev frameworks vs RIA”

Closed source on Linux is hard

Update: Please read the article carefully before commenting. If you notice, most of the problems being described here is part of Eclipse, which is open source. So, usability issues are faced by open source programs as well, and not just proprietary programs on Linux. The reason I wrote that title was because this pain isContinue reading “Closed source on Linux is hard”

Hack Day India

I was at Yahoo! Open Hack Day at Bangalore on Friday and Saturday. 24 hours of hacking, meeting lots of old friends, and sarcasm unlimited. It doesn’t get better than this. 2007-10-05 Fri 02:30 PM Arrived at Taj. Registered myself, got the schwag Met Raghu and discussed the presentation he’ll be making on Flex SocialContinue reading “Hack Day India”

Announcing Flex Builder on Linux

Now presenting the alpha of the Flex Builder IDE on Linux! (this was announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference). You can now create Flex projects, write code with intellisense-like hinting, compile and debug all within an IDE based on Eclipse, on Linux. You heard it right, it’s officially supported by Adobe. Download it NOW.Continue reading “Announcing Flex Builder on Linux”

Moxie . AdvancedDataGrid . OutInTheWild()

Flex 3 beta 1 is out, and along with it something that I’ve been part of – the AdvancedDataGrid component. An example built using the AdvancedDataGrid is embedded below (it is a SWF file, requires Flash Player 9 for viewing): Notice the tree view within a grid – that alone is a feature not foundContinue reading “Moxie . AdvancedDataGrid . OutInTheWild()”

Evolution of Adobe Flex : now open source

That’s right, the Flex SDK is going to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License – this means the compiler, debugger, the huge libraries – it’s all going to be open source when Flex 3 “Moxie” is going to be released. This news was not so surprising to me because I’ve heard there have beenContinue reading “Evolution of Adobe Flex : now open source”