About Deep Procrastination

Cal Newport, one of my favorite bloggers ever, wrote about the upside of deep procrastination last week. I had a few thoughts on the subject. So what is deep procrastination? You know you’re in it when “No matter how dire the stakes, starting work becomes an insurmountable prospect.” I remember this starkly happen to me whenContinue reading “About Deep Procrastination”

To Masters or not?

39 people have asked me “The case for master degrees. Should or Shouldn’t ?” This article is for those 39 people. Well, the correct answer almost always is “It depends.” But let me give a few points to think about. Obviously, I’m answering from the perspective of CompSci students. Students of all disciplines can drawContinue reading “To Masters or not?”

Innovation in Indian universities?

A while ago, I was asking myself Where are the killer applications on the web for India? Today, when I read ReadWriteWeb’s article on The State of Innovation in India, a thought struck me about the relationship between innovation and universities. Everyone knows the story of about how many companies like Yahoo!, Google, Sun MicrosystemsContinue reading “Innovation in Indian universities?”

It’s a small utility

When Atul commented about open source being “seen as some kind of ‘hobbyist’ thing” in India, I was reminded of another incident in college. In 6th semester of VTU B.E., we had a DBMS (Database Management Systems) lab. We were supposed to write some software that demonstrates database design, ‘understanding’ of SQL and using databasesContinue reading “It’s a small utility”

Memories of Linux Bangalore 2003

The VTU letter exhorting principals to motivate students to attend foss.in is a far cry from my college days, and perhaps even farther from Kalyan’s days. I remember asking our department’s Assistant HOD (I don’t remember his exact designation) whether our semester laboratory internals tests could be postponed so that we can attend the 2003Continue reading “Memories of Linux Bangalore 2003”