My new cycle – Trek 3700

After 5 years of riding my “Hercules Wow” bicycle, I decided to upgrade to a Trek 3700 bicycle. I bought my cycle from Bums on the Saddle, and if you’re considering cycling, I definitely recommend that you talk to them, they’re some of the most knowledgeable guys about cycling! Many of my observations about cyclingContinue reading “My new cycle – Trek 3700”

ROAM – Just the bike. The rider. And a place to ride.

Tonight was Movie Night at Bums On The Saddle and the movie was ROAM. This is one of the movies that can get anyone excited about cycling, and in this case, mountain biking. I couldn’t decide whether to concentrate on the adrenaline-rushing jumps and stunts or the amazing locations that these cyclists explore. What wasContinue reading “ROAM – Just the bike. The rider. And a place to ride.”

Cycling To Work at Barcamp Bangalore 7

The weekend before last, BarCamp Bangalore 7 was held. The session that I was most looking forward to was the ‘cycling to work’ session initiated by Pradeep B V (of MapUnity fame). What made the session interesting was that people were asked to cycle to IIMB and showcase their bicycles in an outdoor session, andContinue reading “Cycling To Work at Barcamp Bangalore 7”

Cycling on Kanakapura Road

This Sunday morning, Varun and myself started cycling down Kanakapura Road. The direction from Bangalore towards Thalagattapura was generally downhill and we started to enjoy the cycling when we saw good green fields on either side and surprisingly, lessening traffic. It’s always fun for me to cycle to the pounding music of The Chemical Brothers.Continue reading “Cycling on Kanakapura Road”