The 5-year limit to being a coder in India?

Let me start with a story I had heard about long ago when I was at Adobe. There was this guy who had come in for interviews for a technical role. He passed all the tech interviews with flying colors, the team liked his personality and felt he would fit in well, and the managerContinue reading “The 5-year limit to being a coder in India?”

Announcing my free book on Vim

Today is the first day of, and on this occasion, I’m happy to announce the first public release of my Creative-Commons licensed book on the Vim 7 editor. This book is meant for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, it walks you through the first steps to learning about modes, discusses about typingContinue reading “Announcing my free book on Vim”

Why students and open source?

Two days before the BMS College Information Science Department Fest called “Genesis 2007”, I received an email from a couple of students asking me to talk about “introduction to open source”. Apparently, they were frantically looking for a speaker. Since I’m not the right person for this, I agreed to come only if they didn’tContinue reading “Why students and open source?” day 4

Yesterday was such a long and awesome day. The day started with me missing Taj’s talk on Entropy and I’m still kicking myself for that one. I attended Gora’s talk on IndLinux efforts and I got to know about the various efforts in localization and translations going on. ![69421783][Thumbnail][] Then, Alan Cox spoke on ModernContinue reading “ day 4” day 2

Today morning, the first session was a Linux Kernel roadmap by Jonathan Corbet. Although I’ve never been a kernel-level guy, the talk was interesting and he clearly explained how features have been added and improved over the various versions, and how the development process has improved and become more “professional.” ![68649354][Thumbnail][] Then, it was myContinue reading “ day 2”