Tips for Working From Home

Working from home full-time is a different experience than we are used to. You make or break things, there’s no one asking about your progress and there are no deadlines. It’s all up to you. My productivity has varied a lot during this time and I was wondering how to make more days productive thanContinue reading “Tips for Working From Home”

To live unconventionally

Imagine a conversation with your doctor that goes like this: “What do you do for work?” the doctor asked me at the beginning of the interview. “Well, I’m trying to start my own social movement.” (There was a long pause, but he didn’t ask anything else about that. Instead, he looked at the next itemContinue reading “To live unconventionally”

Super Crunchers

Today, I re-read a book called Super Crunchers: How Anything Can Be Predicted by Ian Ayres. So what is supercrunching? Now something is changing. Business and government professionals are relying more and more on databases to guide their decisions. The story of hedge funds is really the story of a new breed of number crunchersContinue reading “Super Crunchers”

Always remember Carpe Diem

One of the hard lessons that I have learned this year is “Always remember Carpe Diem“. The corollary is that “If you don’t execute on your idea quick, someone else definitely will.” For example, long back Vikram had this idea that there should be a company which takes care of odd chores such as electricalContinue reading “Always remember Carpe Diem”

How to handle information overload

Philipp Lenssen recently had a good post on tips on information overload by various people. It got me thinking about the various tips and tricks I’ve imbibed in the recent past and which work reasonably well for me. So I tried to collate them into one place: Email Always bring the inbox down to zeroContinue reading “How to handle information overload”

Why television and movies are captivating

From Philip K. Dick’s 1978 article “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later” (emphasis mine): The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words. George Orwell made thisContinue reading “Why television and movies are captivating”