Micro targeting

Recently the Obama re-election campaign employed similar population-wide behavioral analytics to micro-target voters to ensure his re-election. There is no reason why we in India must not look to technology to devise ingenious methods for near real time data collection and population-wide analytics of social performance. This will not only help micro-target and localise welfare […]

Vote for the Candidate

I attended a Bangalore South Lok Sabha Candidates’ debate yesterday, this time held at NMKRV Jayanagar and organized by the Rotary Clubs of South Bangalore. Only Capt. Gopinath (Independent) had arrived on time. Ananth Kumar (BJP) arrived a bit late but immediately greeted each and every individual in the hall and asked them to vote. […]

Politicians should have a retirement age

If there’s one thing that I wish could change in India, I would vote for having a retirement age for politicians. When there is a concept of retirement for many other careers like engineers, bankers, CEOs, etc. why shouldn’t the same apply for politicians? If the reason for a retirement age in the private sectors […]

Why I am not running the BSNL Bangalore International Marathon

There has been a lot of press mentions lately about the BSNL Bangalore International Marathon which is going to happen tomorrow. I will not be running it because it is not intended for people who love running. Why do I say that? The Bangalore Ultra Marathon was announced eleven months ago that it will be […]

Team India Shining

After a stupendous 5th One Day International cricket match between India and Pakistan, Vajpayee takes political advantage of it by making ads about it! But, still, that was a match to remember for a long long time. Sachin’s catch was the turning point of the match! Indiatimes.com has a comprehensive coverage of the tour at […]