Where to find startup jobs in India?

If you want to find out what jobs are available in startups in India, then there are myriad resources to check: VentureWoods Pluggd.in ‘coffee’ forum Pluggd.in ecosystem section Hello Intern Sutra Jobs Indian Jobs board at ‘Joel On Software’ Barcamp Mumbai Startup Jobs section NEN Startup Jobs section Startup Lunches, part of proto.in Startup DuniaContinue reading “Where to find startup jobs in India?”

Product for the future

My favorite session at proto.in 5th edition was by Atul Chitnis who reinforced the basics of business. He made one remark which seems obvious but something that we don’t put in practice: “Today is history. Build for the future so that your product can be ready just in time.” As opposed to only thinking ofContinue reading “Product for the future”

proto.in Edition 4 at Delhi

I attended the proto.in 4 conference last week (held at the beautiful IIT Delhi campus) and had a very productive and thought-provoking time. Day 1 was the fastrack “startup school” sessions. The keynote session was Kiran Karnik, ex-President of NASSCOM, who pointed out that this “recession” is not a bad thing. Just like the BPOContinue reading “proto.in Edition 4 at Delhi”

Ideas are Cheap – Build your mobile

It’s that time of the year when proto.in fever spreads. And the ideaworm has got to me. Inspired by Vijay Anand’s “Ideas To Toss” series, I thought why not start my own occasional series as well? I’m calling it the “Ideas are Cheap” series. The name is a take on the common proverb “Ideas areContinue reading “Ideas are Cheap – Build your mobile”

Happy Birthday to ion

Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009. One year ago, on this day, we launched ion, the ipod charger. The launch was just one blog post. That’s it. Within two hours, Atul Chitnis bought the first ion in our online store. We celebrated. But hold on, let’s rewind the storyContinue reading “Happy Birthday to ion”