Creativity x Organization = Impact

81 people have asked me about “Innovation – ways to make people innovate.” That’s a hard question. Especially because I’m always wary of using such an ambiguous term. And more so, when there are far more qualified people to answer out there. Since I have been asked the question, I am jotting down my thoughtsContinue reading “Creativity x Organization = Impact”

PESIT Offer to Startups: Mentor Students, Get Office Space

My alma mater, PESIT (in Bangalore), has an interesting proposition for startups – mentor students and get office space in return. The background is that they are working to improve the quality of education in the IS / CS departments. One of the ideas they identified was to work with in-industry programmers who can answerContinue reading “PESIT Offer to Startups: Mentor Students, Get Office Space”

An experiment to be Google-Free

Update on 5 Oct, 2012 : Still on Mac applications, but now using the free email mailbox option of my domain registrar + local Thunderbird email folders instead of Rackspace Email. Desktop apps are better for frequently used stuff. No matter how many times web apps lure me into “available everywhere” + “mobile syncing”Continue reading “An experiment to be Google-Free” – One Place to find the best online price for a book in India

I had an itch – I wished there was a simple way of deciding whether to buy a book and where to buy a book. So I created The initial idea I had was to make a bookmarklet that will do everything – it will figure out the unique book number (the ISBN) fromContinue reading “ – One Place to find the best online price for a book in India”

A founder has to do only two things right

I’ve been pondering over the myriad of startups and ideas that have been in the fore recently (in my twitter stream). I have a new theory that has been developing in my mind for quite a while: A founder has to do only two things right: invention and marketing. For the rest, he can attract/findContinue reading “A founder has to do only two things right”

Joining InfiBeam

Update: As of 22 June, 2011, I’m no longer with Infibeam. Thanking the community First and foremost, thanks to all who encouraged me, and offered support and help when I wrote about leaving my own company. Many people, without any personal benefit in mind, connected me to very interesting opportunities. And this is exactly howContinue reading “Joining InfiBeam”

Fun can change behavior

Once in a while I come across something really inspiring, and this time it was The fun theory – a “thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.” Getting people to use the staircase than the escalator Getting people to throw into the garbage binContinue reading “Fun can change behavior”