Let's talk about future of webapp development at BCB8

I quickly (read as “hastily”) put together this short presentation for a discussion session at the upcoming Barcamp. The question is “With the advent of cloud computing, cloud databases, RIAs, APIs, etc., are web developers and their frameworks evolving and keeping up with the times?” Are WebDevs and their Frameworks keeping up with the times?Continue reading “Let's talk about future of webapp development at BCB8”

foss.in day 2

Today morning, the first session was a Linux Kernel roadmap by Jonathan Corbet. Although I’ve never been a kernel-level guy, the talk was interesting and he clearly explained how features have been added and improved over the various versions, and how the development process has improved and become more “professional.” ![68649354][Thumbnail][] Then, it was myContinue reading “foss.in day 2”

Journey to Trichur

I am giving a talk on Python tomorrow at the Renaissance 2005 festival at Government Engineering College, Trichur, Kerala, India. Renaissance 2005 is a festival about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) – they have many talks, seminars and competitions planned for the 3 days. As they say in their website: It is time toContinue reading “Journey to Trichur”

I’m talking at LB04

Yep, that’s right. I’ll be taking over the stage at LB04 to convert Perl/C++/Java programmers into Python programmers under an hour ;) The talk is titled ‘Python for Programmers’ and a short blurb follows: Python for Programmers This talk/tutorial is designed to introduce Python to experienced programmers and get them started on it quickly. First,Continue reading “I’m talking at LB04”