Tadiyandamol Again

Eleven of us went trekking to Tadiyandamol. We ended up trekking more than 25 km on day 1, literally walking in the clouds, pitching our own tents, and braving the winds during the night. All in all, a beautiful place, awesome company and a memorable sunrise made it a great weekend.

Mullainagiri, third time lucky as well

This weekend, we climbed Mullainagiri and Bababudanagiri. Even though this is my third visit, it never fails to delight me on its beauty. Mullainagiri and Tadiyandamol are my favorite trekking spots in terms of scenery. In the 3-4 days before the trek, we didn’t spend enough time on the preparation and hence we were worried.Continue reading “Mullainagiri, third time lucky as well”

Trekking in Kodachadri

This weekend, one of my long-pending wishes came true: I finally trekked Kodachadri. Kodachadri is a mountain in the Western Ghats, in Karnataka. It is a famous trekking spot. On Saturday morning, we reached Nittur, grabbed some breakfast and then proceeded towards Kumble, the starting point of the trek. Right there, I could see cloudsContinue reading “Trekking in Kodachadri”

Sharavathy Valley Day 1

For a while now, I was annoyed by the fact that it has been more than a year and a half since my last trek. So when I saw a call for people who want to join a trek in Shimoga in the [Orkut Bangalore Trekkers group](http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=63252&tid=5202222619863645450&start=1), I jumped at the chance. A few daysContinue reading “Sharavathy Valley Day 1”