Mullainagiri and Bababudangiri

In the first weekend of this month, my trekking gang and myself went to Mullainagiri and Bababudangiri for trekking. We’ve never experienced a “monsoon trek” / “rain trek”, so this was our chance to go for it. I’ve done the Mullainagiri trek before and I was quite looking forward to it again. I remember myContinue reading “Mullainagiri and Bababudangiri”

Hebbe Falls Trek

![72745385][Thumbnail][] ![72745605][Thumbnail][] ![72745691][Thumbnail][] ![72746989][Thumbnail][] ![72747478][Thumbnail][] ![72749002][Thumbnail][] ![72751030][Thumbnail][] ![72752430][Thumbnail][] ![72752932][Thumbnail][] ![72753014][Thumbnail][] ![72753167][Thumbnail][] ![72753251][Thumbnail][] ![72753752][Thumbnail][] From riding on the roof of the jeep, to walking 10 km, to diving in freezin’ cold water, to feasting our eyes to lush green hills, to loads of laughter, we did it all.

Getting off the chair

Over 300 close family and friends in your home on one day + followed by Ramanagaram trek on Saturday + Savandurga trek on Sunday => me happy Ramanagaram ![44640711][small][] ![44640924][small][] ![44643060][small][] ![44645132][small][] ![44656573][small][] ![44660547][small][] ![44662949][small][] ![44663124][small][] Savandurga ![44626245][small][] ![44627195][small][] ![44627312][small][] ![44628839][small][] ![44634216][small][] ![44635256][small][] ![44635400][small][] ![44637275][small][] ![44638088][small][] ![44630067][small][]