Hack Day videos

Kamla Bhatt has been tracking the Hack Day India and posting many interviews and videos. The videos include the demos by the hackers, and here’s the video where we present (from minutes 03:10 to 05:09) : Update : And a mention in the Financial Express :)

Hack Day India

I was at Yahoo! Open Hack Day at Bangalore on Friday and Saturday. 24 hours of hacking, meeting lots of old friends, and sarcasm unlimited. It doesn’t get better than this. 2007-10-05 Fri 02:30 PM Arrived at Taj. Registered myself, got the schwag Met Raghu and discussed the presentation he’ll be making on Flex SocialContinue reading “Hack Day India”

Why students and open source?

Two days before the BMS College Information Science Department Fest called “Genesis 2007”, I received an email from a couple of students asking me to talk about “introduction to open source”. Apparently, they were frantically looking for a speaker. Since I’m not the right person for this, I agreed to come only if they didn’tContinue reading “Why students and open source?”