Hack Day videos

Kamla Bhatt has been tracking the Hack Day India and posting many interviews and videos. The videos include the demos by the hackers, and here’s the video where we present (from minutes 03:10 to 05:09) : Update : And a mention in the Financial Express :)

Why students and open source?

Two days before the BMS College Information Science Department Fest called “Genesis 2007”, I received an email from a couple of students asking me to talk about “introduction to open source”. Apparently, they were frantically looking for a speaker. Since I’m not the right person for this, I agreed to come only if they didn’t […]

yahoo ishtyle parikrma

After a long wait, the Nandini Layout children sponsored by Yahoo! Bangalore Employees get their own school. And I’m so glad to see that the yahoo sense of humor and style remains: Many of these ideas were pitched in by Shivashankari, one of the most passionate yahoos I’ve ever seen: Note: More schools means a […]

Last day

Today’s my last day at Yahoo!. It’s been a great two and a half years. Sadly, it’s time to move on. I was just recollecting today about how much history I have here and how many things I’m leaving behind. Moving on is not easy, especially when you’re smitten with your first company. I’m gonna […]


I am getting really addicted to Open Shortcuts in conjunction with the search bar in Firefox. For example, just type !wiki bangalore and it’ll search wikipedia for you without having to do the 3-step process of opening wikipedia.org, then entering the search query and clicking on ‘go’. You can create your own shortcuts as well. […]


Some weeks ago, 8 of us yahoos went to Tadiyandamol for trekking. Directions to reach Tadiyandamol : Take the bus from Bangalore to Virajpet. Catch a local bus to Kaikamba, which comes before Kakkabe. From there, you can ask the locals for “raja mane” (King’s house) and you can start trekking. To book food at […]

Can you answer this?

Yahoo! India launches http://in.answers.yahoo.com. So can you answer these questions? Did I do a bad job of raising my son? How can we say that we’re alive? When I get off at Bangalore aiport, how much will the elephant ride to my hotel cost? Why do dogs eat cat feces??? How do you stop this […]